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Books on Growing Grapevines

British Authors

"Vinegrowing in Britain" by Gillian Pearkes.

This is one of the best books you can buy on UK grapevine growing. Gillian spent months going round the various French and German vine-growing areas and she covers their techniques in depth, enabling the reader to get a rounded view of European grapevine cultivation. I found her book supremely helpful and up there with the best books on the subject. Her illustrations are first-class and very helpful in understanding such things as the pruning process. She also covers red and white wine making in some detail. Now out of print but you can still buy copies second hand

1) "Successful Grape Growing for Eating and Wine" (3rd Edition) by Alan Rowe

Of all my grapevine growing books this one is the most comprehensive and, for UK growers, relevant to our growing conditions and varieties to suit these. Highly recommended!

2) "Wines and Vines in a Small Garden" by James Page-Roberts

The author has wide experience of growing grapevines in the UK (and making wine from them) and his book is very helpful in both aspects.Another good choice for beginners.

3)"The Urban Vineyard" by Paul Olding - "A guide to growing grapes in your garden or on an allotment and making your own great-tasting wine"

This book tells the story of amateur vintner and vigneron Paul Olding as he follows his dream to establish a successful urban vineyard in the suburbs of southeast London. An award winning television producer and director by day, for years Paul harboured a dream of setting up a vineyard somewhere close to home, home being the suburbs of London. But was it possible to grow grapes and make fabulous wine in the (sub)urban jungle? He decided to give it a go. With the help of his family, Paul realised his dream and now shares his experience so you too can create your own urban vineyard. You can buy Paul's book on Amazon here

4) "Home Wine-Making and Vine-Growing" by H E Bravery and B G Furner

As the title and dual authorship suggests,both elements are addressed in some detail. My copy is dated 1973, so some elements may have been superseded. Nevertheless, it is a worthwhile read.

5) "Grapes Indoors and Out" is an RHS Wisley handbook (96 pages).

A competent and detailed booklet from RHS with lots of good advice on outdoor growing, greenhouse and pot culture of grapevines. Lots of helpful illustrations.

Non-UK Authors

1) "The Backyard Vintner" by Jim Law - an American publication

This is subtitled "An Enthusiast's Guide to Growing Grapes and Making Wine at Home".

This book is excellent guidance in setting up a home vineyard and managing the vines throughout the growing year. His vine recommendations are based on USA varieties and their growing conditions, but it is a very useful book for general advice on growing, harvesting and winemaking.

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