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Outdoor Grapes to Grow in UK

Eating grapes

red dessert grapes Dessert grapes outdoors can be a challenge depending on variety,where you live, and the location of your site. If you live in the southern half of England below 300 feet altitude and have a sunny south facing location, ideally a wall or fence that can provide radiated heat, you have a fairly good chance of getting your eating grapes ripened.

1)Perlette Seedless (White Grape)

I have grown and ripened Perlette successfully on a regular basis in Goucestershire against a tall fence benefitting from radiant heat. In 2017 I started eating them at the end of August.

2)Lakemont (White Grape)

Another seedless eating grape and given an endorsement by Monty Don (Gardener's World presenter)who chose one for his own garden.

3)Siegerrebe (Brown/Pink Grape)

Bob Flowerdew (Gardeners Question Time panellist) strongly recommends Siegerrebe as one of his most successful grapes. With a lovely Muscat flavour, it is probably best described as "dual-purpose", since it can also be made into wine. Also, as it is a seeded grape it is not likely to be eaten in large quantities. It ripens early, perhaps August or into early September in a good year. In some years wasps can be a problem due to Siegerrebe's early ripening.

4) Suffolk Red (Red Grape)

This one is seedless. I am currently growing one outdoors against a sunny fence.

5)Flame (Red Grape)

This seedless red grape is one I often buy in the Supermarket as it has a good flavour and lovely crunchy texture. I am currently growing one outdoors against a sunny fence and have another one in a greenhouse to increase my options.

Winemaking Grapes

demijohn container1)Seyval Blanc (White Grape)

Seyval Blanc is a good reliable, disease resistant white that succeeds most years when other vines may fail to produce a satisfactory crop.

2)Phoenix (White Grape)

Another hardy grape that often succeeds in the North.

3)Triomphe D'Alsace (Black Grape)

Triomphe has the advantage of disease resistance in its make-up and is worthy of inclusion as a worthwhile seeded grape for winemaking. It is hardy and early ripening.

4)Orion (White Grape) has a good reputation for prducing grapes in this country and is said to be fairly disease resistant.

5) Rondo (Black Grape)also has some measure of disease resistance and is said to produce deep red wine.

I am currently growing cuttings of both Orion and Rondo but found them slow starters in putting on growth this summer.

6)Siegerrebe (Brown/Pink Grape)

This year I have grown around a dozen rooted cuttings and of the 11 varieties of grapevine I am raising this year it is one of the strongest growing. Most are already at the top of 4 foot canes in July as I write this.

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